Why so difficult

We have heard it a thousand times: “The truth is closer than close, it is easier than easy”. The ultimate, the end to all sorrow, the joy of knowing who we are – so close, so dear, so wanted: but apparently unavailable. But the Truth is that it is available to all and patiently waiting. So how do we recognize this obvious mystery? There really is no point in saying “look within, be still, stop the mind, be in the now.” It’s all been said before. From the perspective of The Counsellor, there are reason why; there are a few major obstacles that need to be seen before recognizing the Truth of Who one is, is possible.

Firstly immaturity: this immaturity has nothing to do with age, education or status in any form. Immaturity in its most destructive form is blind acceptance; the inability to question, analyse and decide for oneself. Without maturity, the realization of who one really is, seems impossible. 

And then the lack of intent: without honest intent, the question of who one is, is merely a curiosity. You know when you are very thirsty or when you have held your breath for a minute: the intent to breathe and the intent to find water are real. And so, there is needed a mature intent. We have seen this in many that have recognized their true nature: life becoming unbearable, a near death experience, the loss of everything or maybe just the agony of not knowing who one is. Without a true intent, realization seems impossible.

Thirdly self doubt: You are immeasurable, uncontainable and you are equal to yourself only. You are the ultimate witness and authority in your own life: this has to been seen. Self doubt has been called the final obstacle. If you doubt, you are looking in the wrong direction; when you meet what you love, your arms are open and you move fearlessly towards it. There is no place for doubt.

There are other lesser obstacles that need no explanation. Greed, hate, self aggrandizement and so on. The Truth of Who you are of course has none of these attributes and so they need to be put aside. But with Maturity, True Intent and lack of self doubt, they automatically become shadows and take their rightful place.





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