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The initial six chapters of this book look at “individual experience” and at the easy methods of transforming it. The entire spectrum of human experience, from the greatest mental, emotional and physical discomforts to life’s blissful ecstasies, is the spectrum of mind. The good news that I wish to relate is that anything in mind can be changed. Even the dubious experience of “I” with its sorrowful reflections can be transformed and even transcended.

The consequent six chapters invite the reader to learn not only how to transform experience, but how to purify the mind of all conditions that do not serve the true life of Self.

Though these ideas sometimes seem to relate only to a specific, hard-pressed individual who is endlessly at war with himself, the underlying principles spoken of do point toward universality and so can be helpful to all. To experience these principles needs only that the reader accept his own experience totally and move deeper into it. The method of mind purification described later in the book has its source in the nature of consciousness itself and is therefore totally universal.

There is nothing written here that I feel belongs to what we normally think of as truth or falsity – such distinctions belong in cold clinics and are far divorced from life itself. If there is any truth in what has been written, it can only be tested through examining the real transformations of personal experience. Your experience of who you now has to be the starting point for all investgation. This reality, of your experience, is also the key that can be used to open many other doors and eventually lead you beyond experience itself.

As with life, you may take what is written seriously, this is your prerogative. At the same time it is only fair that you are reminded that life takes nothing seriously.

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  1. I have enjoyed your thoughts on the meaning of life.
    I wonder how you see its relation to time and space? For instance, if a fly is flying towards a train and gets hit by that train, then there’s a moment in that fly’s life on impact where the fly is not moving forward or backwards. The fly, for a fleeting moment before death has stopped the train.
    Your thoughts please.

    1. Well, in order to see what exactly has happened to train and the fly, we would need a very fast camera. One that would allow us to view individual frames taken taken several of thousands per second. One thing we would observe, on collision, is that the front end of the fly has not only stopped, but that is is now moving with the train in the opposite direction, whilst the back en of the fly is still continuing forward towards the train. So, it could be said that the fly, on collision, would be moving in two directions simultaneously. Now taking this a step further, the fly’s spattered first carriage, would now be spreading out across the surface of the front of the train. Depending on the fly’s juiciness, examination would reveal microscopic waves moving outward from the point of collision. Applying quantum theory to our analysis, we can conclude that the fly has both wave and particle qualities.
      A remarkable question for which The Counsellor thanks you. It’s not everyday we find something that moves simultaneously backwards and forwards in time, whilst giving credence to Quantum particle-wave theory.

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